Hyperfluid Circumstances

Performance, 2020

Three performers interact with the objects installed in the room and gradually integrate the recipients into the performance. The atmosphere in the room is created by the smiles of the performers, atmospheric sounds, fragrance and subdued light.

Hyperfluid Circumstances addresses the subject of affective work, which uses not only physical, but also intellectual and emotional skills to create immaterial products such as knowledge, information, communication, relationships or emotions and to produce affects such as comfort, satisfaction, excitement or passion.

Above all, the care and reproduction work, which in our society is mainly done by women, exerts massive pressure on the subject by imposing a social responsibility on the subject that has to be borne in private. The performance serves as an artistic experiment for how this kind of responsibility could be dealt with.

Embedded in a staged feel-good atmosphere, the recipients are gradually and immersively involved in the performance: On the one hand, they are looked after - their wardrobe is received and they are given transparent capes to wear - on the other hand, they are made to gradually do the activities of the performers take. So you find yourself in the situation of holding on to a light installation or receiving a hand fan. After the performers gradually leave the room, the recipients remain alone in the room. Can the atmosphere, which was characterized by the physical presence and the smile of the performers at the beginning of the performance, also be maintained as soon as they are absent? How can a responsibility that otherwise weighs on the individual subjects be transferred into a state that is experienced, borne and passed on collectively? The performance creates resonance experiences and states of alienation and raises questions about collective versus individual responsibility.