Video, 5:01 Min, Loop

In the fictional video, walks are documented in which first a pearl-like string, later an alien-looking creature is discovered. Captions convey the story of how these elements were found and their effect on the protagonist's emotions. The physical act of walking is supplemented by the encounter with an alien, digital being, which is obviously not at home in the real or non-digital world. 
The storytelling includes the reference to the fact that the being has a calming effect on the emotions of the protagonist. It affects the protagonist in a mysterious way and at the same time remains untouched - it hovers over the ground in nature at a constant speed and with unchanged posture. In this way, themes of strangeness, resonance experiences and unavailability are playfully linked. 

The video was created with the help of Augmented Reality, i.e. the digital avatar was inserted into a real scene using an app.